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Lemon grass restaurant App
Ms. Janet Jane

The lemon grass is a famous restaurant located in greater Manchester, United Kingdom. The city famous for football matches and they have own team- Manchester united. Lemon grass restaurant is located near to football stadium and being the only multi cuisine class restaurant in the area they have to handle a large number of customers every day. Frankly if there any match going on some time they couldn’t manage them, they are witnessing a long queue. Inside the restaurant they displayed detailed menu on the screen especially tailored to satisfy customers include wide variety of British, Italian, Thai, Indian, and Chinese cuisine with variety of appetizer, salad & soups. This is why lemon grass always full. Lemon grass has with capacity of 150 seats and fully fledged services.


They wanted to provide fast service to their valuable customers and looking to deal with rapidity and satisfaction .Lemon grass restaurant had only three billing section and customers had to pay for their food before they eat. They had 30+ employee’s altogether and average customer per day is 1400.Staff also facing issues to manage them all. So while increasing satisfied customers they adding more staff also. At end of the day Lemon grass’s customers are happy, that’s their great achievement.

  • idea
  • prototype
  • design
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They required a complete, ‘end to end’ POB (Point of buy) solution that featured greater functionality and also provided a high level of payroll, stock and financial control. The management had a discussion with Our dedicated team and waited for possible outcomes

From our long experiences we had no hesitation to take over the project. And we asked 6 months time to implement it. Also we have introduced a different approach for displaying menu.

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New technology- Otec 4 software

Once customers enter the resourant, either they can go for self order from table or order by counter. Through self order they can take favorite seat and take tablet from the table, have a look the available menu in the restaurant, check price and order through the tab, pay by online / card service. Through online payment they get discount coupon as well, by this we promote paperless transactions. This system shows the delivery time after they paid the bill. One of our staff will deliver your favorite dish on time in your table, if you haven’t changed your seat. Rest of customers can order foods from counter.

Our Otec 4 software is well equipped for complete management solutions. From the reception to kitchen point, it’s very useful. Kitchen staff will get the order through the screen display in kitchen area. Management can check the stock how much available in restaurant at any time. This all procedures giving live updates .Notification of stock quantity. The software can adaptable for using any of restaurant section for buying raw material, analyzing production consumption, product recipe and auto updates of stock. We installed weighing scale in stock room and launched barcode system .it can give accurate stock updates to each section. The purchasing manager can easily do his job on time with the help of software updates. This method was very easy and useful for users.

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Management can simply track transaction & stock with production. Our Otec 4 software provides different reports to management to outline the business position. Example, Table turnover rate, production and consumption report, sales and stock report, profitability report etc.

These concept includes new way of displaying menu items to the customer like veg and non –veg, appetizer and drinks etc. the same system follows in kitchen ordered items will be displayed in kitchen point with the exact table number.


Being located in the heart of busiest city, we are dealing with huge number of customer’s every day. To sustain the customers demand at peak time, we have to treat them with a fast customer service. Slower customer service is a wall between the consumer satisfaction and profit. The system we were following is manual billing system; customers order their food and pay their bills with discount coupons at pay point. During busy period it’s very hard to manage fast billing. We know its old age procedure. At the end of the shift we have to calculate it manually.

We have noticed few changes we should make ASAP’

  • Must decrease transaction time
  • increase footfall,
  • quick training to our staff

The Tech stuff

technologies used to develop Lemon grass restaurant App

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Benefit derived with Otec 4 software

  • Happy customers
  • Happy management & staff
  • Increased turnover
  • Proper inventory management
  • Well organized kitchen and staff management.


We also recommended to buy extremely configure SERVER for POS & POB station for each position and express internet connection in each spot for quick data transfer. It will help to fast the billing cycle

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