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Live Care
Mr. Scot Rob
Director, Care Group

CARE have more than 80 care homes in their portfolio and offer a wide range of care including residential, nursing and domiciliary care . CARE pride themselves on their reputation for being one of the leading care providers.


Care Home Management (CHM) System was initially installed in one home back in 2014 as a trial. Two systems were originally reviewed with CHM being chosen as it was felt the user was able to have more input using handheld devices. Scot rob, Head of Care explains, “The right system for us needed to have as much automated user input as possible while still remaining person centered, quick and easy to use.

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THE old version of Centralized management system was unable to cop up with the advanced technologies. They wanted to be it centralized. They were keeping separate management software for each care home. so they couldn’t keep efficiency and productivity in same manner. So the team had a discussion with Oceao technologies and finally all suggestions diverted to introduce competing technology available in market. We proposed a new version with some special features and advanced technology, it is LiveCare. This application is completely centralized and useful to each and every person related to the care home.

Lorem Prototype

LIVECARE must be very simple to use, that was the main criteria asked by the CARE. When we test the prototype design, majority of staff grasp it so quickly. “It’s just a confidence thing really” says Scot, “Generally most people embraced the system because they were able to see the benefits so quickly.

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The system comes with a design that proves a real difference with the existing care management systems. The ability to store and record so much data about the people who use the services also It shows the very detailed interaction with our residents, and completely PAPERLESS , far more organized than when we used paper.

Increased efficiency and productivity: Paper-based systems force staff to spend valuable time searching through paper-based records when determining what medications are due throughout any given medication round. This process is not only lengthy, but can easily increase the opportunity for discrepancies and errors.- LIVECARE system offers a tangible boost to efficiency and productivity by saving staff from manually sorting through paper-based medication records to determine what medication is due at what time. LIVECARE systems support centralised, electronic medication administration records (eMAR) allowing staff to only view the medications that are due to be administered within a given time period.


Development stages are smooth because the plan was very clear and we've collected and organised the project plan 99%. The hardest part was the intelligent module coding for to find staff malpractices integrate with RFID. Rolling out LIVECARE across a large chain takes a bit more planning than an individual install. Scot explains that they put a project plan together and rolled the system out slowly; one in each region leaving a few months before starting on a new home .It was a huge task, because changing the existing management system to another one , definitely quiet hard work. But we have done the job perfect. The homes were then given a couple of months to integrate all of the residents data. They also employed a support worker to help upload the existing care records.

The Tech stuff

technologies used to develop Live care

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Scot explains

“It was quite a daunting task at the outset“

“so we had to be very organized with our approach. The homes did find it onerous initially but now they can see the benefits and would never want to go back to paper.”


As Care acquiring more homes, so they conduct an internal review to see if they meet their parameters for installing LIVECARE. “We have had some recent cases where homes have met the criteria in terms of profitability for the install, so the board have voted to go ahead as they can see the improvements that the manager can make by using LIVECARE. The quality of care that we can offer is undoubtedly improved and this outweighed the original decision.

The method is great, we love the fact that we have our own risk appraisal and get things altered so quickly and easily.

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